Why I wince every time I see a ‘Forwarded as Received’

I see a ‘Forwarded as received. I wince!

Do people really think by adding this disclaimer, their responsibility is over? Do they even realise what they are doing by ‘forwarding as received’ without verifying it’s authenticity? Let me tell you what they are doing:

  • They are forwarding a malware.
  • They have doubled the risk of Phishing (in short, the risk that your money can be stolen).
  • They have put someone else on that risk.
  • They have projected that they are not a credible person. (No, I’m not saying they are incredible. That would be a good thing. I’m saying they have shown they are un-credible. We can’t trust them to do what is right.)
  • They have rubbed someone’s raw wound (Remind me to share the story when I called someone in response to a ‘blood needed’ post. I promise you, it will give you goosebumps and shake you up.)

If you think I make sense, please share this. Let’s reduce the menace of FWDasReceived. It’s TimeToSayStop.

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