Social Media for Business Tip: Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes can be Increased by Completing your Facebook Page

Increase Facebook Likes

Your Facebook Page is an awesome resource for you to increase your business. While personally I am not a huge fan of ‘Facebook Likes’ (Most of it is just quantity not quality, so how does it matter?). However, if you still care a lot about the number of likes, I would strongly recommend that you do not purchase likes. Not only is it fraudulent, Facebook frowns upon it and will ‘punish’ the behaviour by decreasing your reach or in some extreme cases putting you in ‘FB Jail’ which means you will not be able to post anything.

On the other hand, organically building your Facebook likes is extremely good for your business. Not only do you get visibility in the right target audience, you get potential clients. My recommendation is to try to build the Facebook Page Likes organically.

One of the crucial steps for that is to fill all the details about your company. Edit the Info section, provide your office address (even if you don’t think anyone will come to your office. This help in you credibility). Make sure your contact details are proper.

If you are stuck in any step, feel free to message me. I will be happy to help. 🙂

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Have a socially profitable day ahead. 🙂

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