Social Media Tip for Business: Increase Facebook Reach – Tip #2


Social Media Business Tip: Increase Facebook Reach

Do you use social media for business? If you do, gun for a higher reach not just page likes. You might have noticed that though you have liked many pages, you don’t see them all on your news feed. You wouldn’t want the same fate for your Facebook posts. Hence you need to focus on the reach and not just on page likes.

It has been our (I do have a team that works with me, so yes, our) observation that posts shared on Friday on Facebook have a higher reach. We wonder what could the reason be… any guesses? Leave me a comment.

If you wish, you can follow my Facebook page where I share these tips too. By the way, liking my page may not be enough for the tips to show up on your news feed regularly, so do like my tips when they appear on your news feed. That is a way to tell Facebook that you want to see my tips. If you leave a comment on that tip, Facebook will ensure you see my tips on your feed when I post them. Don’t worry, I hate spammers so you won’t see too much of me.

And if you want another tip on increasing your Facebook reach, click here.

Have a socially profitable day ahead. 🙂


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