7 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media Profitably

If you spend more than an hour on social media but don;t know how to use it for business, this is a must read article for you.

7 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media Profitably
7 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media Profitably

You’ve probably noticed the recent surge in use of platforms and users of social media. Are you wasting your time or investing in it? If you want to ‘invest’ your time in social media and use it profitably, here are seven ways to use social media for business:

1. Brand building

Word of mouth is still powerful. In fact more than ever, since social media makes it easier to  spread. Use the power to build your brand name into a recognisable one. Find out which platform your target audience is actively using and ensure your brand is visible there as a brand that adds value. If you’re selling to women, you can’t afford to not be on Pinterest. Targeting he youth? You’ll find them on Instagram and on gaming portals like zapak.com 

2. Recruitment

Finding, filtering and even interviewing candidates is easier today. A few platforms recommended include LinkedIn, WhatsApp (yes, I do believe it is social media) and Skype/ Viber (for interviews.)

3. Grievance awareness

The customer is no longer complaining to you about your product in person. S/he doing it in front of masses on social media. The world is listening. Keep a special eye out on Twitter as well as the platform of your industry. e.g. If you’re in tourism or related business, check out tripadvisor.com Food industry? Check out zomato.com You get the picture, right?

4. Promote a product / service

When the first Starbucks opened in Mumbai in 2012, people waited outside for over 7 hours. Most of them hadn’t even had a Starbucks coffee before. Social Media played a huge role in mobilising these people. Are you using it in your business?

5. Public Relations

After all social media is the new media, and PR deals with media. The traditional methods of press release have long been passé. Webinars, Whatsappinar, Podcasts, Twitter chats are the new way forward. Influencers play a huge role in this and bloggers are your new journalists. Reach out to them and make it worth their while to write about you. No, I am not asking you to pay them. So get innovative. Give them something worth writing about. 

6. Awareness Creation

Given that more & more people are spending over an hour on social media, creating awareness campaigns specifically for social media is no longer something you can avoid. Be it a social objective, political canvassing or a cause you care about, addressing your target audience via social media is a must do.Facebook is a good place to start, though not the only platform to use.

7. Customer Service

Don’t wait for your customer to voice their grievances. Reach out to them delight them. Then watch them talk about your company. Ask for testimonials, if possible on video. Then showcase it.

Watch this on video for a quick recap.

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