Social Media for Business Tip: Facebook Business is Serious Business

Facebook Business? Really? Yes really.

Facebook Business

You probably know that on this blog (as well as on Whatsapp) I share Free Tips on using Social Media for Business. For a few weeks now, I had been giving tips about managing Facebook Page, increasing reach and growing business through Facebook. However, yesterday, in a conversation with an entrepreneur, when I asked how much business he was generating through Facebook, he seemed to look at me like I was an alien.

So many people seem surprised when I say Facebook can and should be used for business. Most don’t seem to understand the power of Facebook. Get this: Facebook claims that it has 142 million active monthly users from India. That is 14,20,00,000  users per month! Certainly most of your potential clients, if not all, are a part of this number. Do you now see why Facebook Business is serious business?

So what should you do about it? My (potential) client’s response made me realise that my first tip should have been to make a Facebook Page, I think it is time for me to correct that mistake. So here is one of the simplest, easy to do and yet powerful tip that I can give you:

Have a Facebook Page For Your Business

I will soon share the steps for creating a Facebook Page. If you would like to learn that, follow this blog. If you already have a Facebook Business Page, you might want to learn how to increase likes. Actually there is also this tip that you must read. There are two more, but I am sure you can see the suggestions and check those.

If you want your business to grow and believe that social media is the way forward, I can help you. To know more, call me on 9819160707 or fill this form: 

Have a socially profitable day ahead. 🙂

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